Can Japanese professional baseball compete with Major League Baseball? 

 In conclusion, it would be difficult.

 However, it is possible that


As I wrote in the previous section, it is not appropriate for the MLB organization to have a monopoly on the highest level of baseball.

 A competing league is needed. If there is not a competing league, the monopoly will have a negative impact, and it could easily lead to consumer neglect such as not being able to open the season due to labor-management conflict, as was the case this time.

 If there is a rival league, this will not happen and the rules, services, etc. will continue to improve in order to outperform the other side. mentioned in the previous article, I would like to see a Canadian league or some kind of premier league that is independent of MLB.


 In the meantime, there was also an article that said go for it NPB!


 Frankly speaking, it is quite difficult due to the foreigner quota...but if the quota is expanded, the number of teams is increased, and drastic reforms are made, it may be possible to compete....


 Previous article...


 In any case, the monopoly status of the MLB organization should be discussed at this time.