A Discussion on AI and After

A Discussion on AI and After

 I titled the book "After AI" as a fancy title, but it is nothing much more than a summary of what is often said in my own way.


 It seems that a new book has just been released that fits these times.


Resistance to Purpose (Shincho-Shinsho)
Resistance to Purpose (Shincho-Shinsho)

Author:Koichiro Kokubun



 Freedom resists purpose!

 This is a book called "Freedom Resists Purpose!


 It is quite a departure from this one,


 Especially after AI, it will be AI if it already achieves its purpose. When that happens. In the end, a kind of human rights or dogmatic notion of "because we are human" will be important. The argument will be that existence itself (whether "meaningless" or "wonderful" is the same thing, because it is mere subjectivity) because it is a moonfish.

 Human specs (the ability to achieve one's goals) will become almost meaningless. Of course, it is not completely meaningless, but it has become less valuable, just as the speed of one's feet had a certain meaning even after the advent of the car. The point is that almost all skills, specs, and abilities to achieve goals...will be on the same level as what we now call "foot speed". Maybe charm, some kind of endearment, communication skills (maybe even nomination skills) will remain important, but... except for a few = almost all will be worth showing, i.e., except for a very few at the highest level, like professional athletes. It will be worthless.

 Of course, there could be a Premier League, just as there needs to be a base of professionals, and there could be a parallel of professionals in J3 and JFL, which are orders of magnitude differences in the same sport. Regional XX may survive in its own way.

 But...after AI, unfortunately, many of the skills that have been acquired throughout dying will be rendered meaningless. Of course, a handful of the best will retain their value, but above-average skills will be meaningless. To earn a living, one must win the Koshien championship and go beyond that and become a professional. In every way...

 In a sense, what is good as it is now is that human beings deal with human beings and there is a certain value in being a human being...perhaps hosts, cabaret girls, and the like. Machines can be romantic partners, but rather than a kind of pseudo-romance, they spend money to support them (madam spends money on a cute host who says, "I want to be the number one host..."). ) This psychology is not likely to exist with a machine, no matter how wonderful the response may be. Of course, an AI that has mastered psychology perfectly would have no difficulty in making some money from human hosts, but that is different from this.)

 ) In this sense, those who can make some money as always may be one of the highest levels of this kind of occupation, the ultimate type of idol to aim for. Cooks are subtle, but there are already a handful of cooks who can make money, and that will not change. The things that are shown to people and the popular business may remain the same, as only a handful of geniuses can earn money in any case.


 In that sense, only a very few people can make a living as a writer (I have heard that even Akutagawa Award-winning writers are on welfare), and the same is true of painting.

 In fact, it may be good to make the unnecessary processing of e-mails easier. After all, it is not enough to be a good writer to make much money...



 In any case, there is no goal in life. Especially after AI, setting a goal and achieving it...making a plan and honing skills is meaningless except for those who aim for the top (and most of them are losers without reaching the top, just like in professional sports and entertainment).


 In this sense, the question may be how to live a life without purpose freely.

Living a Life Without Purpose (Kadokawa Shinsho)
Living a Life without Purpose (Kadokawa Shinsho)

Author: Shiro Yamauchi



 A kind of revival of the humanities may be near...

 It is not international competition, but a way for individuals to live freely as individuals.