Thunder's also to assert antitrust claims against MLB.

 Thunder's also to assert antitrust claims against MLB.

 According to this article.

 Senator Sanders "Should Look to the Needs of the People" to Remove MLB from Antitrust Exemption - MLB : Nikkan Sports (

サンダース上院議員「人々のニーズに目を向けるべき」MLBを独占禁止法除外から外すべきと主張 - MLB : 日刊スポーツ (


Senator Bernie Sanders (80) explained why he is proposing the Save American Baseball Act, a bill that would remove Major League Baseball from the antitrust exemption. The Athletic, a U.S. media outlet, reported on March 22 (23rd Japan time) that the senator made the comments during an appearance on HBO.

In 1922, the U.S. Supreme Court exempted MLB from the antitrust laws of Japan. This year marks the 100th anniversary, and "I think now is the time for these billionaires to start looking at the needs of their fans and the people of this country, not just their own interests," Sanders said.

Previously, Sanders had strongly criticized the owners for implementing the lockout. He was also angry about the reduction of 40 minor league teams prior to the 21-year season. He argued that competition would be created if they were no longer exempt from antitrust laws.

Last December, four teams outside the major league umbrella filed a lawsuit against MLB over the minor league team cuts, claiming they violated antitrust laws."


 He said.

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 Four Minor League Baseball Teams Sue MLB for Exclusion in Major Downsizing "Unfair Agreement Happened in Monopoly" - MLB : Nikkan Sports (

マイナー4球団がMLBを提訴 大幅縮小で除外「独占で起こった不当合意」 - MLB : 日刊スポーツ (

 The very evils of monopoly

 Plus this labor dispute. We also had this claim.



 I think we can put one thing here in the framework of antitrust law.


 Incidentally, there was also one like this in Japan

 NPB Statement on Alleged Violation of Antimonopoly Law in Connection with the "Tazawa Rule" - "Dedicated to the Development of Baseball in Japan" | Full-Count

 「田澤ルール」の独禁法違反疑いでNPBが声明「日本の野球界の発展に尽くす」 | Full-Count

Fair Trade Commission announces alleged violation of the "Tazawa Rule" under the Antimonopoly Act.

 The Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) announced on May 5 that an arrangement by the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), under which players who refused to be drafted by Japanese professional baseball teams and played overseas could not sign contracts for a certain period after returning to their home countries, is suspected of violating the Antimonopoly Law."


 After all, that's as far as it goes.

 We have explained to the Fair Trade Commission how our organization came to decide on the arrangement, as well as the fact that we eliminated it voluntarily and that no player has been treated unfavorably because of the arrangement over the past 12 years, and as a result, we understand that the decision to terminate the review was made today."


 This was the case, he said.


 The Tazawa rule is only a stand-alone rule, but it almost could have been applied. Or should we say that the pressure of doubt worked?


 In any case, the view that baseball organizations are special should be changed, and rules should be created that contribute to free competition in order to curb brutality.