Pooholes confirmed as a safe starter.

Pooholes confirmed as a safe starter.

April 8, 2022 St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates - MLB - SportsNavi (yahoo.com)

The season opener, another stellar record, and only Hank Aaron left on top. This is as far as he goes, as he is retiring this year, but it would be a milestone.







 Congratulations on 22 years of stints.


 And the results are also amazing.

 I'm sick of MLB news being in Japanese because it's Japanese over and over again, but please write a little more about Pooholes.

 What a surprise, two consecutive at bats with an opponent's error.

 He's getting on base (?) just because he's intimidating. 

 Two consecutive at bats with an error to load the bases (and that in the opener) should be quite an impressive record....

 Even though the opponent was the Pirates, as expected, the only two errors in the game were both by Poohl's, and that too two batters in a row is something to have (?). 

 After all, he was hitless in five at bats, but this is a trap that can't be changed.

2022年4月8日 セントルイス・カージナルスvs.ピッツバーグ・パイレーツ - MLB - スポーツナビ (yahoo.co.jp)

 But is there some kind of rotation that is making it difficult to get a hit? And when I think about it, one of them is a sending error, so I don't know what to think. It must be just a coincidence. Still, it is amazing that it continued.