Barely avoiding the worst commissioner in history?

Barely avoiding the worst commissioner in history?


 MLB: Looks like the lockout will finally open.

MLB] 99-Day Lockout Ends, Players' Association Accepts Organization's Proposal 26-12, Opening Day Set for April 8, Japan Time (

【MLB】99日間のロックアウトが終了 選手会が26対12で機構側の提案を受け入れ 日本時間4月8日開幕へ( - Yahoo!ニュース

 I've written many times that we will also have parallel discussions, especially the difficult international draft, which seems to be a parallel process. This is a good thing.


 It can be said that they managed to get to the brink, but in fact it was a result of the players' association breaking down.

 Of course, Manfred's brinkmanship strategy worked, and the owners' evaluation will be good...I don't know if it will be good or not, but it is significant that they were able to pass the opinion of the organization in the end.


 It depends on the future, but he may have managed to avoid becoming the worst commissioner in history.