Striving to be the worst commissioner in history

Striving to be the worst commissioner in history


 Mr. Manfred, it has finally been confirmed that the season cannot be played in 162 games.

 How many games can he play? No. Can they open the season...

MLB Opening Day Rescheduled Commissioner Manfredo: "We have the utmost respect for our players" (

 What are they thinking of, putting out an international draft at this stage of the season? They should have pressed the owners.


 Now, the opening of the season is very far away.


 No, there is the alternative of lifting the lockout and negotiating a parallel deal.


 What do they want to do after making so many rule changes?


 I guess he is making a determined effort to become the worst commissioner in history. Unless he comes up with a really bizarre plan here, he may leave his name as the worst ever.


 I hope he resigns or does something.


 The Biden administration should also look at the MLB monopoly as a problem by strengthening the leagues other than the MLB organization.