This election, which has become all the more lurid...

This election, which has become all the more lurid...

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 Of course, I don't want to talk about conspiracy theories.

 The epoch-making assassination of a politician, who was shouting for a kind of postwar Japan's total settlement, has brought Japan's "postwar" problems into view all at once again.

 We were able to observe various problems, not to mention religious cults.


Following the 2022 Shin-Sen-Gumi, the NHK Party has taken root to some extent, and a new generation has emerged.

 What is the "suffrage party"? A Right-Wing Political Party Born of "Organic Faith" (Keihira Furuya) - Personal - Yahoo!

 Mr. Furuya is very sharp at times like this.


 Now, this reminds me of something else.

Nazi SS (SS)
Nazi SS(SS)

ナチス親衛隊(SS) | グレーバー,ゲリー・S., Graber,Gerry S., 義人, 滝川 |本 | 通販 | Amazon

Toyo Shorin
 This is a book that follows the Nazi SS very carefully, and when combined with Mr. Furuya's analysis, it gives a clear picture of the sentiments of the right-wingers. In other words, it is a kind of organic faith, which brings to mind the conflict between the city and the countryside, between artificiality and nature, between mixture and purity, and so on. Organists who choose the latter are a kind of right-wingers.

 In the same book, he also finds out that the current Nazis would be in a kind of nature conservation or organic organization (of this kind).

 This is exactly the same analysis as Furuya's. This is what is happening in Japan today.

 In this sense, it is only natural that conservative (rather than right-wing) arguments would emerge, even if they are "followers.

 Some people have been desperately trying to call the 2021 Shin-Sen-Gumi a dangerous political party, but there is no comparison between Mr. Yamamoto, a performer, and this party, which is fundamentally and ideologically dangerous.




→「It is not a defeat for democracy, but a defeat for education, when a ton of parties get votes and seats in the election.」


 The fact that such parties can hold seats in the Diet is evidence of the healthy functioning of democracy. As long as democracy is functioning, it is only natural that these parties, such as the 2021 and NHK parties, should be able to secure seats in the Diet. As long as there are a certain number of such citizens, it is important to accept their representatives in national politics.

 In fact, it may be better to pick up the voices of the bubbly candidates who are somewhat popular even if their opinions are superfluous. They may raise very minor but important social issues that are never picked up by the mainstream. If it turns out that it will never be picked up, then terrorism will be the only way.

 Like this assassination...



→「Let's face the reality that we lost because we did not have the support of the people, instead of making the subject matter bigger: "Democracy lost."」


 And in a sense, it is not good that the issue of the second generation of religious leaders is being taken up in a big way because of this assassination. There is a fear that the significance of the assassination will be completed. But this is also an important issue, and that is why this is the time to raise it... It is very difficult to say.

 It is also possible that some terrorist attacks will be carried out by some unexploited, helpless, and sort of invincible (and yet quite brilliant) person, in the hope that he or she can achieve some kind of goal.

 In this sense, the assassination is doubly bad.


 Above all, this is an assassination of a former prime minister, who may or may not have been in power for a long time, and who will surely leave his name in history, as well as of a politician who is still, for whatever reason, a central figure in the Liberal Democratic Party. This assassination, not only is it 100% certain to remain in textbooks, but it has become a major incident that will be mentioned as a turning point in the history of Japan.

 This event has certainly created a lot of political mobility.


 On the other hand, the mainstream (?) opposition parties, this is exactly what we can say.


 This is exactly what we can say about the mainstream opposition.

 But the situation reminds me of Kelsen.

 It is precise because of this situation that we should shed light on Kelsen again, who said, "Democracy is...".


 The Socialist Party, which can only be described as a "remnant," is no longer a party, but it has barely secured its party status and is still in existence, and it is playing a role in increasing (?) the degree of confusion among the opposition parties, which are becoming a mess amid the LDP's dominance. The opposition parties are becoming more and more chaotic, with the Liberal Democratic Party becoming the dominant party.

 Incidentally, excluding the Communist Party of Japan, which is a sure opposition party, it has been the longest-running party among the opposition parties, even without the Democratic Socialist Party of Japan (DPJ) period. Looking at their names, they can be said to be new parties everywhere.

 It's not over yet! Don't underestimate the long-established parties! I guess that's what they say. But since these parties are the leftist remnants of the left, in a sense they are the counterpart to the leftist parties, I hope that they will do their best until the end.


 The election situation in Japan is very confusing, and it may be recorded that 2022 was the year in which Japan's transformation into a declining developing country became definitively apparent.

 The collapse of Japan's infrastructure, such as large-scale communication failures and power shortages (or more precisely, the lack of investment and, above all, the adverse effects of the people losing the concept that infrastructure cannot last without investment, as well as the gradual erosion of the capacity, technology, and funds available for investment as Japan has become a declining developing country, have finally become apparent. This is becoming more and more visible in the civil engineering and construction sectors. This will soon become apparent in civil engineering and construction systems as well.

 Water and sewage systems may also be in danger soon.

 The future may be in the direction of self-reliant and decentralized energy, almost wrote "autonomous," and local septic tanks and simple water supply in local communities..............completely right-wing conservative, Patriot-like........ As the country declines, policies must become more conservative... Perhaps it will be necessary to increase local self-sufficiency.

 In this way, global and liberal values will decline.

 However, this may be inevitable in a declining nation.

 There is a reason for their domination.

 The assassination of a former prime minister, a man of hawkish views, is a clear example of such a situation. The assassination of a former prime minister, a hawkish figure who also has a strong hawkish base of support, is a clear indication of the extent of their domination. Would they really remain silent after the assassination of their leader? This kind of situation can be attributed to the fact that the country has become a developing country in decline. Well, I would like to think that the government is still able to maintain security and that the hawks are still able to exercise restraint...


 In every sense of the word, this election was a shady one, as it made clear that Japan has become a declining nation. This is not a conspiracy theory type of election. It is the smell of something dangerous...


 I hope that the above is just a groundless fear and that it is only a passing thing. There are still six months left in 2022. I hope that the rest of the year will be peaceful.

 (The year 2022 is really a year of disasters, coinciding with the war in Ukraine. Although it is not so obvious, there have been major earthquakes in Fukushima and other areas. Prices have been rising due to the war, and coronas are making a comeback. I am worried about a double attack with influenza in the winter. This time, Japan's medical care may collapse. (We have already reached the point where anything can collapse.)


 At any rate, this is a time like this, so let's study hard. Studying badly can be poison in this situation. When you study, do not do so half-heartedly, but would be better to study all the relevant literature, even if you cannot read all of it, but you should try to read everything that has an established reputation. Otherwise, you will end up going in the wrong direction.


 At any rate, we are in a difficult situation...