Today is the Emperor's Birthday

Today is the Emperor's Birthday


 国民の祝日について - 内閣府 (

According to the Law Concerning National Holidays (Law No. 178 of 1948)

According to the law

The people of Japan, in their unceasing pursuit of freedom and peace, in order to build a better society and a more affluent life while nurturing beautiful customs, hereby establishes days for the whole nation to celebrate, give thanks for, or commemorate, and designates them as "national holidays.



Article 2 "National Holidays" shall be defined as follows.


 Article 2 "National Holidays" shall be defined as follows

 According to the regulations

The Emperor's birthday shall be celebrated on February 23.

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 知ってそうで知らない「国民の祝日」とその趣旨や経緯 | 暮らしに役立つ情報 | 政府広報オンライン (


The Cabinet Office also puts out a lot of stuff.


 According to it



Emperor's Birthday (Feb. 23)

The birthday of the Emperor of Japan is celebrated.

The Emperor's Birthday is a national holiday that has been observed since the enactment of the National Holiday Law in 1948.

When it was first established, the Emperor's Birthday was April 29, the birthday of Emperor Showa. With the succession to the throne, the National Holidays Law was revised in February 1989, and the date was changed to December 23. In addition, at the time of the recent replacement of the Emperor, the National Holiday Law was revised in accordance with the Supplementary Provisions of the Imperial Household Law Special Provisions Law (Law No. 63 of 2017) regarding the abdication of the Emperor, etc., and the date became the current February 23.


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