The disappearing Dainippon Empire, the revitalizing Dainippon Empire, two empires

The disappearing Dainippon Empire, the revitalizing Dainippon Empire, two empires

Today is a symbolic day, but the Japanese Empire is fading away in history.

Perhaps even the name “Daiko Empire” will soon be the name of the fantasy world.

Also, in a situation where it may be 20 years lost or lost, this may be a lost Heisei, lost 30 years, etc., `` Defeated by military power but will compete with economic power, catch up with Europe and the United States '' The Japanese Economic Empire developed in a form (As the continuity between the prewar and postwar periods is pointed out, the postwar Japan that turned the wartime economic system and the total war system into an economic war was in a sense the Great Japan Empire. It was also exhibited in the turbulence of the bubble period), but it disappeared and became a “deteriorating developing country” as the former cabinet counselor and Kyoto University professor Fujii said.

That's why past nationalists dreamed of “world-renowned Japan” being disappearing, and some future predictions called Japan's “Mexicanization”, etc., a country with no presence in the world It is predicted that

In this situation, how do nationalists and nationalists behave? IMHO, it looks like it has lost its direction and ran to hate.

[The thing to be noted here is that it is problematic to include imperialism and expansionism in conservatism or to be == nationalism or nationalism ==. Nonetheless, both have been confused.

”Please note that the“ penguinism ”proposed here is completely different. Rather, in Japan, where the penguin girls were no longer able to fly, as Penguin girls appeared with the catchphrase that the sky couldn't fly ... It is a principle claim to improve the situation as much as possible by gradually improving it (rather than aiming for a one-shot reversal like this).


 Although it seems that it is not appropriate to abandon economic growth, it will be necessary to recognize that the offensive has ended and the right-wing / conservatives will be separated from the old Japanese Empire. However, it is not a complete denial of the left-wing Japanese Empire. Continuity can only be denied as part of its expansionism, imperialism, and nationalism.

On the other hand, as noted above, on the other hand, the Japanese Empire is being revived.

(Generally speaking, it is conceptual, but in my personal opinion it is different.

Let's walk around the city ... Then, I met a lot of people who were now foreigners in the former Great Japan Empire. Let's go to the university ... same as many foreign students from Asia ... all come from the former Imperial Japanese Empire.

Yes, in fact, the ideology that supported the ancient Japanese Empire has become a reality. Under the ideology, the former Military Academy and the military accepted many human resources from Asia. Chiang Kai-shek is famous, but the great shogun (Kin Nissei → However, the real person is sure to be a graduate, but the North shogun has become a substitute for the Soviet Union. And so was former President Park, who was a former Japanese Imperial Officer.


Some left-wing accounts say, “It ’s funny, right wings directing Shinzo Abe. Abe is trying to promote the immigration of foreigners and destroy beautiful Japan. "I still support you !?" was sent, but on the other hand, "Abe is a man who aims to revive the Dainippon Empire" is also attacking.

If you are planning to revive the Japanese Empire, you should be more active in immigrants (especially from Asia), and the ideology of the example should be a big welcome for people from Asia to gather in the Imperial City. It is.

It is clear how they did not understand the Japanese Empire and the nationalist ideologues involved in it, but in a sense this is confusing and unavoidable.

Despite derailment, contrary to the Sayok faction's assertion, the revival of the Great Japanese Empire is an inflow of people from this Asian region. Although there are not many people who pointed out, this situation is consistent with the ideology of nationalists under the Japanese Empire (so, even before the war, it even boasted the human diversity of the empire). On the contrary, it can be said that the Japanese Empire is reviving. If military power restrictions are released, it can be said that the Japanese Empire is reviving in a sense, regardless of Japan becoming a “declining developing country”.

This situation is both unusual and interesting.

Because the imperialization progresses at the same time as the decline, it is the Roman Empire.

Does historically trace the Mediterranean history in Japan? I think that is unlikely if you look back at the past. However, I don't think it's a mistake to study their trajectory for the future of Japan.

that's all

The Dainippon Empire as a military empire and economic empire is almost completely extinguished. However, although notorious, some of the ideas they have raised are in some ways revitalized today. How to think of this other empire needs to be traced back to the past ideology. Otherwise, if it looks like a global, racial fusion, it looks like a left-wing concept, it may be a ghost of the Great Japanese Empire.

Penguinism overcomes the praise image of the Great Japanese Empire that clings to right-wing and conservatism (repeated, but not all left-wing denial), and considers right-wing and conservatism in a developing country. .