Discussion Revival of the Great Doctoral System and Renewal System of the Doctoral System

Discussion Revival of the Great Doctoral System and Renewal System of the Doctoral SystemDiscussion



 Intermittently, there is a lot of noise about university reform and education reform.


 To begin with, saying "education is..." for everything is a solution to some extent.


 However, this does not mean that everything can be crammed into education, and there is no such thing as all-purpose education, nor should we hope for it.


 With the division of labor and specialization, there will inevitably be many areas in which each individual lacks.

 The goal should not be to create people who can do everything and know everything through education.


 I would like to preface my remarks by saying, "Education is important. Nevertheless, education is certainly important.

 No matter what one specializes in, it is necessary to have a wide range of choices and basic academic skills, and it is also important to be exposed to a wide range of things. In the end, it is a matter of balance, but the question of how far one should go in this day and age when so many things are so widely available is a big one.


 In such a situation, a doctorate degree, which is a proof of completion of the highest level of education, just like a black belt in martial arts, is now a driver's license or an entrylevel of research.

 In other countries, tenure (track) is available from there, but not in Japan. In addition, there are many continuing education and license renewal systems such as CPD these days, but no doctorate.

 Well, the teacher's license renewal system was not well received either...


 By the way, did you know that there used to be a system of "Grand Doctorate"?

 Grand doctorate - Wikipedia

 大博士 - Wikipedia


 Again, it didn't seem to work...



 I wonder if it is true that in the martial arts, a black belt is now the minimum qualification for actual combat, and higher belts have been created, such as black with green or black with red, and the number of ranks has risen considerably.


 I think it would be a good idea to bring back the grand doctorate for those who have made a single achievement, like the doctorate used to be.

 In English, it could be called "Grand Doctor" . Abbreviated as "GD". The English language is something that needs to be considered, but I think that such a title could be surprisingly possible internationally, and there is a possibility that it could become widespread.


 In addition, we live in a world of rapid technological innovation. How about a renewal system for doctoral degrees after 5 or 10 years, depending on the field, taking into account new papers (books or other achievements recognized in the field, depending on the field, or practical work if you are a practitioner) current activities, etc.? I think it would be a good idea to reform the higher-level relationships in this area as well.


 This was a consideration.