In the end, the market decides the value.

 In the end, the market decides the value.


 There are various axes of evaluation, but I guess the conclusion is that in the end, the market decides. No matter who or how one evaluates, one cannot survive without a certain degree of acceptance, appreciation, and demand from others.

 In reality, this market is also a difficult one to define.

 But in any case, in order to earn a living, it is necessary to be sought after by some market and to earn enough compensation to survive. There are fields in which one can survive only on the reputation of experts, while there are other fields in which one cannot.

 Of course, it is also necessary to be convinced by oneself.


 In summary, we need evaluation from the market in order to survive, but we also need evaluation from ourselves that we are satisfied with.


 In the former case, no matter what some others may say, there is no problem as long as there is an evaluation from the market. There may be various evaluations mixed with jealousy, lack of effort, accident, and all sorts of other things, but the market's evaluation is still an evaluation.

 The latter is the opposite, but again, the evaluation of a specific individual is meaningless. This is how you evaluate yourself. It does not matter whether I did my best, whether I gave my all, whether I am satisfied with myself, or the result of my efforts.


 Being able to integrate the two is the best thing.