Is there no need to take responsibility for AI?

 This is a note.

Responsibility is fiction.
 → Responsibility as legal fiction
 Responsible temporary theory (only temporary)

 In order to smoothly turn society around,
 A report theory

The concept of responsibility is the need for the fiction of responsibility, emotionally, of human beings, and what is temporary for it.

The failure of the overall compensation theory
 A system in which all daily problems are insured as a waiver of the theory of responsibility, and compensation is paid from the insurance fund if a problem occurs.

For example, i was stabbed while walking in town. In this case, there is a random risk of being stung. The person who stabbed is not responsible for it. and accidentally stabbed (or stabbed) relationship.

Therefore, because this is an accidental and a risk that should be covered by insurance, it is possible to cause it to all people, so if it happens, money according to the damage is paid from the insurance.

This is a valid conclusion. At least on the desk.

But man is a creature of emotion. The person who stabbed him is asked the responsibility, and the concept of the report comes to mind.

When that happens, the above-mentioned idea will no longer be accepted by society.

From that point of being, as a legal fiction after all, the concept of responsibility is needed ...

On the other hand...
 To AI
 Is there no need to take responsibility for AI?

In the case of AI, it is received as a mere failure, and it is not a problem as an insurance object.

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