Penguin declaration

The words "one time "penguin woman" (or penguin system woman)" were in fashion. No appearance is like a penguin.

If I am alike and it depends,

- To things, I am passionless and can respond staidly.

- There is a core.

- Moderate self-assertion

- Planful in love

- Excel in reading air.

I will take out -- I come out.


Now, I set aside whether it is moteru, and the above could show and say a very important point, when surviving it in Japan.

Aside from "being planful in love", this plog also tries "correspondence which was passionless and settled down to things", "to describe with a core", "moderate self-assertion" (I still carry out an enforcement), and "to read air" (as it being another whether since he is poor at each writer, I can actually do),I would like to call such an attitude a "penguin attitude."

Although he thinks suddenly whether to be the talk that it is what, this plog plans to deal with political / [ which is easy to call a contestation ] ideological contents. For the reason, the direction which does not want to touch the direction with eyes recommends an immediate renouncement.

The writer thinks that the above "penguin attitudes" is very important, and is attitudes which I have applied in the argument of the direction of today when describing such contents.

Moreover, such [ originally ] a penguin system woman feature must have been the characteristic which the right and a conservatism person have mostly. However, for each of what is called today's rightfields or conservatism persons, those who attack the sphere of influence which has deviated from such an attitude greatly, and is called right = Haicht camp in the end, or "tokua" and they call, and its sympathizer are the right (although correctly called "nextutouyo").Both are actually recognized to no longer be distinguished.

Although the so-called theoretical collapse of "sayoku" was actual, while I was pleased with self-destruction of the other party, didn't the theoretical collapse by the side of the right progress, either? And the left system camp is aiming at the inevitable comeback, and it has developed various efforts under the water surface these days so that it may overcome theoretical collapse. How was the right on the other hand?

While raising and horuhoruing to a "conservative swing" etc. of Japan and Asahi Shimbun unawares, surely the number increased, but most disappears and I have already come to use original right and conservatism camp element to the theory of "sayoku" unawares.

The right and the conservatism camp of present Japan have already grown into existence of only abusing the tokua camp centering on "nextutouyo" intently utterly, and the figure is unchanging in any way only by it of "sayoku" and the object which abuse intently Japan whose an instinctive dislike he originally had having changed.

At least, the on-site unit should just be in the situation "there is remarkable enhancement in respect of theory", although or is not found so, but such a thing is not almost found the place at which a writer has a look. theory appropriate for [ is a slander grade of "sayoku", for example, ] it with, an ideologue like the "new Eurasia principle" of Russia is not necessarily come out and made. when pessimistic, the actual condition of Prime Minister Abe's "beautiful country" is not quite satisfactory -- a political slogan memorizes also like [ I am unknown and ] a big right-wing theory of one of these days (if it seems that there are this point and right-wing theory in Japan insufficient [ a writer's ability ] and recently leading, I would like "to teach very much").

Now, it is this plog to call it a ぬ penguin system politician, or to aim at penguin system political ideas and penguin system theory under such circumstances, if it is a penguin attitude of the original right and conservatism and a penguin system woman in the form of "penguin declaration."

When "nextouyo" and distinction are stopping sticking and the right and the conservatism * call it the right in short, about a small protest in meaning carrying out the monstering to tokua increasingly, he intends to be here (I am completely socially meaningless), and I am.

If it is that meaningless but there is the thought into which the "acceleration principle" has developed based on such blogs rather than the paper and is continuing writing some, I think that does someone react and will be connected with something.

It may be greatly helped by the doubtful thing who [ of the country where the writer itself is distant ] to actually have written. Even if the other side cannot have thought at all that the thing written by it was referred to and may actually meet assumedly by no means in distant Japan, I do not notice it mutually. But, then, I think that it is good. Because what was written is what already leaves the person itself.

By saying, I think once that I will carry out the blogpost also of the English (there is also the purpose of in short using the text here for the accuracy rise of automatic translation) of automatic translation together. A completely meaningless report is under an illusion to a mere exiguity about a miraculous possibility [ someone of somewhere worlds ] of giving an inspiraction --


*, of course, he thinks that I want many right and conservatism people to divide myself, and that it is the term "nextutouyo" for it also understands. [ "nextutouyos" and ] However, it is only an intrigue theory, tokua Haicht , left , and media Haicht that the Japanese right seems to be unable to hammer out the new theory which can be heard as it is recently unlike the left, and have appeal power actually,The way things stand, the image of being realized by striking such others with the right will be formed.