Once there's a break, you're done...

Once there's a break, you're done...

This is what I mean by that. Once you stop updating daily, you stop writing.


 There are plenty of things to write about...


 Now, let's get back on track and write a rough YouTube story once in a while.


 It looks like Mr. Toby Hooks has a new one.

 Delta Rune Chapter 2 is out, and there is already a video of the back boss.

 I'm a little worried about copyrights, so I'll just introduce the music.

 Working bgm delta rune chapter 2 back boss spamton neo fight bgm 1 hour endurance - YouTube

 作業用bgm デルタルーンチャプター2 裏ボス スパムトンNEO戦bgm 1時間耐久 - YouTube

 At this level, I'm sure Mr. Fox would approve. In the first place, there are many fan works, and in principle, it is tolerated. Or, perhaps, the U.S. is a cultural sphere like that. Star Wars also has many cases where Lucas officially approves of basic fan activities, and in Japan, Nintendo and other companies often approve of such activities.


Regarding game playing videos: According to the Pac-Man case and the Tokyo District Court decision on September 28, 1984, computer (TV) games are "cinematographic works". The following is a list of the most common Also, on April 25, 2002, the Supreme Court, First Petty Bench, https://www.courts.go.jp/app/hanrei_jp/detail2?id=52335


But see, for example, the following

ゲーム実況は著作権侵害になる? Apexやフォートナイトは? 配信初心者が気をつけたいポイント | GAMEクロス (asahi.com)

Nintendo is also permitted in principle to distribute videos as long as it follows its guidelines." Nintendo's guidelines include the sentence, 'We expect you to submit videos and still images that include your own creativity and comments,' and the company's goal is to create even greater enjoyment and expression by combining the creativity of users and Nintendo's games. Characteristics. Most game makers that have established guidelines basically grant permission, but the categories of permission differ, such as not allowing submissions that only clip out movie scenes or ending scenes. So you must always read the guidelines before you distribute," they say. See also Tasuku Mizuno (2017). Many other explanatory sites exist on the Internet. 

YouTubeなどの動画コンテンツの著作権について【弁護士の解説】 | IT法務・AI・Fintechの法律に詳しい弁護士|中野秀俊 (it-bengosi.com)

 Incidentally, it is said that game images predominantly contribute to game sales.


According to an empirical analysis by Yamaguchi, S. (2014), "Internet piracy and economic effects on the game industry: An empirical analysis of gameplay videos and the number of game software sold," Information and Communication Policy Review, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, pp. 178-201. The number of views of game-playing videos had a significant positive impact on the number of game software units sold, with the magnitude of the impact being that a 1% increase in the number of views increased the number of units sold by about 0.26%. Furthermore, genre-specific estimates showed significant positive impacts in five other genres, excluding novel and racing games, and no significant negative impacts for those two." and for videos of game images played by players, demonstrating that they contribute to sales.