Power outage somehow averted?

Power outage somehow averted?

 We can't let our guard down yet. So far, however, there has been no mention of power outages in the news.

 It is not likely that communication will be disrupted because of the power outage.

 Since I have a cell phone, I can probably at least hear "Power Outage Now" (old).


 If we can manage at this rate...



 However, from now on, we may be frightened of power outages on every cold day.

 Many places must have lost business because the mambo had just opened.


 It is likely that one storage battery per store or an EV that can take the place of a storage battery in case of emergency will be the order of the day.

 Then again, solar panels...


 What a surprise that we no longer even have an electric power infrastructure.


 We are truly becoming a declining developing country.


 Sooner or later, roads, water...