Surviving in the Pandemotwoum is different from a good policy.

The famous saying that Jean-Claude Juncker, who retired last year, (in office from 2014-19) during his time as Prime Minister of Luxembourg There is a
"We know what we have to do. I just don't know how to re-elect after I do it."

To put it simply, if you do the right thing, you will lose the election.

You should keep this stray word in mind when you talk about policy.

In fact, there are many effects of several realistic books that are more difficult to do than to find the right things.

For example, in Manquie Economics I, Microeconomics, 4th edition p.48, "But in the real world, devising the right policy is only the easiest part of the leader's work. And, it states that the other elements are larger.

Others are just as common.

After all, one of the important things for the inhabitants of The Pandemo2um is definitely "survival." It might be good to say that it is almost a goal only by it. The policy that I want to carry out if I do not survive is also infeasible.

Then, they need a policy to survive, not to implement a good policy.

If i don't keep that in mind, I'll go in the direction of the day after tomorrow. There are people who often talk about politics, but there are people who say impossible assumptions, ideals, and unrealistic things, but they need to be careful.