What is penguinism? *

What is penguinism? *

“Penguinism” in this blog refers to “the calm and calm response to things” “responding with the core” “modest self-assertion” (still asserting) “reading the air” It is said that this is a revolutionary (not to say that it is contained in the first place because it is a modest self-assertion), and does not try to solve something with one measure = improve little by little. And

Essentially, it is a proper maintenance posture.

However, in the current situation of right-wing and conservatism polluted by “Netouyo” etc., it will be difficult to understand even if it is presented to the general public as the ideal way of conservatism. Therefore, I would like to make a conservative claim as “Penguinism” that uses the word “Penguin” based on a light fashion article and re-extracts the right-handed / conservative (good one).

It may be meaningless to say “Penguin Declaration!” Etc. by itself, but there may be things that you do not think that you are writing something, and the right group and conservatism in the direction of the day after tomorrow It is very disappointing to take off, so even a useless resistance is written here.

I will write in various ways, taking care not to become penguinistic.